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Board notes may 2024

Board meeting notes

  Games Playoffs
Boys Soccer 8/28-10/4 10/7-10/10
Girls Volleyball 8/28-10/4 10/7-10/10
Boys Basketball 10/28-12/4 12/9-12/12
Girls Basketball 1/15 3/3-3/7
Boys Volleyball 3/17 Start 4/28
Girls Soccer 3/26-4/30 5/7-5/14 Split week


In our August board meeting we have some vacancies that need to be filled. 

Registration opens 1st of august and will close 8/16.

Also, need to discuss basketball going to quarters or staying halves and clarification on currently enrolled students for sports.

Notes from February Board meeting 2024

Golf?? spring or fall. Course fees. Survey schools. Seasons, how many do you think would be interested. Tournament/season. Research youth on course. Kevin Cannole will create a survey to send out.

Boys basketball –

Surveys will go out about adopting a modified high school rules format for quarters or keeping the halves system. Confusion with refs. 

We still can’t get Lanette on the account.

In future years 9th is dwindling…some mixed games non conference with 8th?

Discussion about the rules not being completely updated with tie breakers (skipping the head to head and going straight to coin flip). Board needs to review rules.

Big budget meeting at the next board meeting now that we have a good amount in savings.


Notes from board meeting 10/23

Boys Soccer went very well this year with only 1-2 hiccups with officials and such. No other items were spoken about. 

Girls Volleyball went pretty well as well with only 1-2 small issues regarding officials not showing up, but this is a vast improvement from previous years.

Cross Country went very well. The board was pleased with Runner Card and made things easy and smooth for registration for the state races. A small reminder that students and parents need to approach their coach or AD about any issues that may creep up before or during the race. 

A large discussion last night came about after some issues regarding boys basketball and jerseys and rosters. One team in particular used the same jersey for three different players and tried to have them all play during the game. 

I refer each of you to the rules and regulations set apart by the board and its directors. 


  • If situations arise at a game that are not covered specifically by these rules, the situation must be discussed and resolved onsite only by the two team coaches, athletic directors, and the referees. It will be up to these individuals to decide on what will be the best course of action for all involved, and what will be most fair for the student athletes. Decisions made in these situations are final and will not be reversed afterwards.
  • School AD’s are responsible for communicating all vital information to their coaches, players, and families. The league will post all rules, schedules, and the code of conduct on the website The league is not responsible for lack of communication within schools or between schools.


  • Players must “dress” (be in attendance and in uniform) for at least half a team’s games to be eligible to play in the final tournament.
  • Only players who are enrolled at the competing school for the entire athletic season are eligible to be on the roster. The only exception is that schools may use 6th  graders from feeder schools (not competing schools).
  • Players who compete on any other school team, regardless of age, gender, or grade level are ineligible to be on the roster.
  • Submit rosters before your first game including first name, last name, jersey number, gender, and grade level. Schools will forfeit any games without the proper roster submitted to the league.
  • Each team is required to bring their own roster to each game for the referees to check.
  • Rosters must be e-mailed to region directors Scott Drechsler (9th), and Trevor Jones (8th) Teams who do not submit a completed roster by their first game will forfeit their first game (regardless of final game score) and every game after until a completed roster is submitted.
  • 9th grade rule UHSAA Article 1.1
    C. A student who has participated on a junior high team or its equivalent during the ninth grade year is ineligible to participate on a high school team in that particular sport during that school year.
    D. Initial eligibility is established by attending the school as a student or trying out for and being selected as a member of a high school team, whichever comes first. To clarify, if students try out for any sport and make the Jr high team they are ineligible to play high school and vice versa. High school and Jr high games will be forfeited.

The one thing that we really wanted to highlight as a board is that there hasn't been much along the lines of oversight. 

Therefore, each AD is required to submit their full rosters of their entire team by Monday afternoon or the board will be having those teams forfeit their games until further notice. This has always been a board rule and it is the responsibility of the AD to make sure that the coach or themselves are turning in their rosters. Not having your roster turned in will also affect your team's eligibility for the state tournament for the year. 


Notes from August 2023 board meeting

President - Chris Christensen
Vice President - Tom Mitchell
Secretary - JR Allen
Treasure - Lanette Rupert
New members - JR Allen, Dustin Woods, Kevin Robinson, Lanette Rupert
Current Members - Brett Allen

No negative issues with removing ability to pay offline, will continue with having everyone pay online at time of registration with paying finance fee.

Schedules will be out 8/22 or 8/23 for fall sports

Bylaws need to be updated

Notes from May 2023 board meeting


$200 Girls XC

$200 Boys XC
$450 Girls Volleyball

$850 Boys Soccer

Online processing fee $52


$1150 Girls Basketball  
$1150 Boys Basketball

Online processing fee $70


$850 Girls Soccer

$450 Boys Volleyball

Online processing fee $41.50

as agreed in previous board meetings no 5th graders.

In our August board meeting we will restructure the board and we need to add a few members. Please come and be a voice for change.

We are having a hard time with schools who are not paying/sending to wrong addresses. We are going to make all schools pay online and pay the 3%. We have not upped fees for a long time and refs are getting more expensive so we can justify making all schools pay the fee. We are only talking about $150-$200 increase for the year because of the transaction fee. We will have a big budget meeting at the end of next school year to assess fees.

We are going to try to move up to 9 games plus a guaranteed playoff game.
2023-2024 Tentative sports calendar(reviewed at board meeting)

Tack meet dates TBA State meet 10/6
Boys Soccer/Girls Volleyball games m/w 8/28 -10/2 Playoffs 10/9-10/12 
Boys Basketball games m/w/th 10/23-11/29 Playoffs 12/4-12/7
Girls Basketball games m/w/th 1/17-2/21 Playoffs 2/26-2/29
Girls Soccer/Boys Volleyball m/w 3/27-4/29 Playoffs 5/6-5/9

The board needs to vote/adopt a transgender policy. This is what we have so far that has been posted on the website. - Need to adopt a transgender policy. "Tentative policy to be approved at the next board meeting “We will support individual schools’ decisions determining their own eligibility of individuals who identify as transgender. Players who compete on any other school team, regardless of age, gender, or grade level are ineligible to be on the roster for the same sport in a different season. For example, if they play on the girls volleyball team then they cannot play on the boys volleyball team in the same academic year." 

Us directors are going to reach out to administrators from all schools saying that we more need support at board meetings. If you want to change/fix things in our league then according to our by laws you need to be in attendance to a board meeting. 

Game Change Form

If your school needs to reschedule a game, please contact the opposing school, agree on a reschedule date, and submit this form SEVEN days prior to game change.

    League Contacts updated 4/2024

    Point of Contact School League Basketball/Volleyball Court Address   Soccer Field
    Yahosh Bonner American Heritage School 8th 736 North 1100 East, American Fork, UT   736 North 1100 East, American Fork, UT
    Sean Frost American Leadership 8th 98 W 1100 S, Spanish Fork, UT   98 W 1100 S, Spanish Fork, UT
    Jace O'Brien Channing Hall Academy 8th NO BB COURT  /  13515 S 150 E, Draper, UT   13515 S 150 E, Draper, UT
    Jason Soto  Excelsior Academy 8th 162 E Erda Way, Erda, UT   Deseret Peak (South Field) 2390 UT-112, Grantsville, UT
    Brandon Waite Freedom Prep Academy 8th 1761 W 820 N, Provo, UT   200 N Geneva Rd, Provo, UT
    Randi Hillaker Intermountain Christian School 8th 6515 South Lion Lane, Salt Lake City, UT   Falcon Park: 9200 S 1700 E, Sandy, UT
    Jessica Kemper Maeser Prep 8th 320 W 600 S, Lindon, UT   320 W 600 S, Lindon, UT
    Brett Allen  Monticello Academy 8th 2782 S Corporate Park Dr., West Valley, UT   2782 S Corporate Park Dr., West Valley, UT
    Chris Joyce Providence Hall 8th 4558 W. Patriot Ridge Dr. Herriman, UT   4558 W. Patriot Ridge Dr. Herriman, UT
    Joe Jackson Reagan Academy 8th 1143 W Center St., Springville, UT   1440 W Center St, Springville, UT 84663
    Abraham Mendoza Scholar Academy 8th 928 N 100E Tooele, UT.84074    
    Toby Melver Spectrum Academy 8th 552 N Cutler Dr., North Salt Lake, UT    
    Robert Davis  Summit- Draper 8th 1225 East 13200 South, Draper, UT   1225 East 13200 South, Draper, UT
    Tyson Bjazevich Summit- Independence 8th 15327 Noell Nelson Dr., Bluffdale, UT   15327 Noell Nelson Dr., Bluffdale, UT
    David Keenan Wasatch Waldorf Charter 8th ALL AWAY GAMES    
    Chris Christensen  Ascent Farmington 9th 22 S 650 W, Farmington, UT    
    Marissa Coleman Ascent Lehi 9th 2199 West 900 North, Lehi, UT    
    Tom Mitchell   tmitchell@ Ascent West Jordan 9th 5662 West 8200 South, West Jordan   5662 West 8200 South, West Jordan
    Kevin Robinson Early Light Academy 9th 11709 S Vadania Drive, South Jordan, UT   10300 S 4000 W, South Jordan, UT
    Emily Su'a esu' Hawthorn Academy  9th 9062 South 2200 West, West Jordan, UT   9062 2200 W, West Jordan, UT
    Larkie Sarager Lakeview Academy 9th 527 W 400 N, Saratoga Springs, UT    
    JR Allen Legacy Prep Academy 9th 2214 S 1250 W, Woods Cross, UT   2214 S 1250 W, Woods Cross, UT
    Paul Hazelbarth Lincoln Academy 9th 1582 W 3300 N, Pleasant Grove, UT    
    Lanette Rupert NDPA 9th 1591 W Hill Field Rd., Layton, UT   700 N 2200 W, Layton, UT
    Dustin Woods North Star Academy 9th 2920 W 14000 S, Bluffdale, UT    
    Bracken Funk Renaissance Academy 9th ALL AWAY GAMES    
    Jim Hunter- Basketball 801-427-9250        
    Kaylene Cragun- Volleyball 801-360-5334        
    Sherrie Griffiths- Soccer 801-916-8418        

    Board Meeting Notes From 8/24


    Any consideration for schools that would like more than one team to represent the school must notify one of the league directors at a minimum of 3 Days prior to the final registration deadline. You will not be able to add teams after the registration. (Voted on and ratified by the board). 

    Any team that pays the league fee for any sport and decides to cancel at any point after the registration deadline will not be eligible for any type of refund or movement of funds for another sport. This was already a rule - the board wanted to send out a reminder. 

    Per the board vote, it was proposed and ratified  that if you attend a K-9 school, you have to play in the 9th grade league, even if you don’t have any 9th graders that would be on the team. The havoc of scheduling was becoming an issue with schools trying to move around and leaving odd numbers of teams in both leagues. - This will be open to a official board vote at the next board meeting and would go into affect for girls basketball. Please attend our next board meeting to voice your opinion.

    Open boys and girls basketball registration together mid September and close end of September.

    New board member Brett Allen.

    Soccer fees and basketball fees will be raised but the league fees will not need to increase.

    Board meetings 10/18, 1/10, & 3/14.


    Fall registration closes August 15th

    Registration for fall 2022 is now live. Please let me know if you have any questions. Registration will close august 15th and the first games around the 29th.

    If paying offline please send checks to UCSSAL 1061 s 600 e Providence UT 84332

    Tentative calendar pending board approval, please be aware that they are subject to change due to various circumstances. 

    8 - 9 regular games and 10th playoff game

    Boys Soccer/Girls Volleyball 8/29-9/29 playoffs October 3rd-6th

    XC TBA but will be within the fall season

    Boys Basketball 10/24-12/1 playoffs December 5th-9th 

    Girls Basketball 1/18-2/15 playoffs split February 22nd, 23rd, 27th, & 28th

    Girls Soccer/Boys Volleyball 3/20-4/27 playoffs May 1st-4th

    Basketball games m/w or m/th 

    soccer/volleyball games m/w

    Registration for winter sports closes 9/15 for boys basketball and 10/9 for girls basketball 

    Registration closes for spring sports 2/1 

    We really need to do soccer at 4pm. 8th already does it and I am going to have 9th do it as well. After the schedule is out please let me know ASAP if you need to go back to 4:30.

    No games the 2 days before the tournament starts unless already scheduled.

    Board meetings 8/24, 10/18, 1/10, & 3/14.

    Notes From Board Meeting 3/2/2022

    AD’s please respond to other AD’s promptly. Some emails going unanswered. Some host schools are not reporting scores from home games

    Need to adopt a transgender policy. Tentative policy to be approved at the next board meeting “We will support individual schools’ decisions determining their own eligibility of individuals who identify as transgender.

    Players who compete on any other school team, regardless of age, gender, or grade level are ineligible to be on the roster for the same sport in a different season. For example, if they play on the girls volleyball team then they cannot play on the boys volleyball team in the same academic year.

    Volleyball 4:30/5:30

    8th soccer 4pm and ELA home games.

    9th soccer 4:30 but Sherrie would like us to do it earlier at 4

    Notes From Board Meeting 1/4/2022

    Concerns with schools playing in both conferences, maybe limit 9th graders, schools who have high school athletes on UCSSAL teams.

    This year- push back Soccer March 16/17th or 21/22

    Next year - push back girls basketball 1 game second week of January

    Schools can host their own ultimate tournament if they would like and the league could help. Other than that the league is not doing the ultimate tournament due to lack of interest.

    Winter(Boys/Girls Basketball) Ends Wednesday 9/29/2021!

    Details changed from last board meeting!

    Only 8 games scheduled and everyone makes it in the tournament for a 9th game. I if you would like to have a 10th game please contact a school and then let the directors know to schedule the referees. 

    No more request not to play dates. The schedule became too complicated and the schools would rather have consistency. 

    All Basketball games will be on Monday/Wednesday or Monday Thursday

    Board Meeting 10/12
    Boys Basketball Games 10/18- 12/2 Playoffs 12/6-12/10

    Board Meeting 12/14
    Girls Basketball Games 1/3-2/10 Playoffs 2/14-2/17

    All Volleyball and Soccer Games will be Monday/Wednesday

    Board Meeting 2/22
    Boys Volleyball & Girls Soccer Games 2/28- 4/7 Playoffs 4/11-4/14
    Board Meeting 4/19


    The Registration "Home" is not currently available.